PhD Students

Luísa Coelho, Controlo biológico de doenças do solo em plantas cultivadas, através da utilização de compostos de resíduos orgânicos enriquecidos com antagonistas, referência SFRH/BD/109218/2015, Universidade do Algarve. (Coorientação: Mário Reis e Lídia Dionísio) (em curso)

Francisco Angel Bueno Pallero “The entomopathogenic fungi from Algarve region (Portugal) and their interaction with other entomopathogenic agents: implications in the potential employ as biocontrol agents”. PhD in Agricultural Sciences. Faculty of Sciences and Technology, University of Algarve (Portugal). (Co supervision: L. Dionisio and R. Campos–Herrera) (em curso)

Xavier Chiriboga. “Entomopathogenic nematodes associated with Swiss agricultural soils: improving soil health by integrating soil and chemical ecology approaches”. PhD Chemical Ecology. Faculty of Sciences, University of Neuchâtel. (Co supervision: T.J.C. Turlings and R. Campos–Herrera) (em curso)

Florinda Gama. Iron trafficking and signalling in strawberry plants. Ciências Agrárias - Universidade do Algarve. (2018) Co-supervisors: Maribela Pestana, Gustavo Nolasco

Poonam Singh. “Development and characterization of cellulose-based particles for probiotic bacteria encapsulation and delivery” (2018) University of Coimbra, Portugal (Co-Supervisor Bruno Medronho)

Ricardo Nunes “MICROMEDRONHO ‐ Design of Microencapsulated Arbutus unedo leaves and fruits by Spray Drying for Supplements and Functional Foods”. (2017). (ref. SFRH/BDE/51888/2012 – FCT) (Orientadora Professora Doutora Isabel Saraiva de Carvalho).

Geoffrey Jaffuel. PhD Chemical Ecology “Enhancing the use of entomopathogenic nematodes for biological control of root pests: from field persistence to improved self-life”. (2016) Faculty of Sciences, University of Neuchâtel (co-supervisor R. Campos-Herrera)

Ana Anastácio “Relative changes in polyphenolics in sweet potato leaves under drying treatment: Food applications and Health benefits”. (2015). (Orientadora Professora Doutora Isabel Saraiva de Carvalho).

Ana Margarida de Sousa Prado Fernandes da Graça, Doutoramento em Ciências Agrárias, Universidade do Algarve. “Estudo e controlo dos principais patogénicos de origem alimentar em fruta minimamente processada”. Referência FCT SFRH/BD/76745/2011 desde Março de 2012-Setembro 2016 (Coorientadora Professora Doutora Célia Quintas ).

Vahid Farzaneh – Erasmus Program SALAM – “Development of the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical applications of plants selected from Portugal and Iran with presumptive health potentials”. (2016). (Orientadora Professora Doutora Isabel Saraiva de Carvalho).

Isabel Baer “Study on Quality, Nutritional and Organoleptic Evaluation of Organic and Conventional Extra-Virgin Olive Oils.” (2015). (Orientadora Professora Doutora Isabel Saraiva de Carvalho).


MD.Net:  Mediterranean Diet - When Brand Meets Peoples (2018-2014)

General objective of the project is to recognise Mediterranean Diet (MD) as opportunity for smart economic growth of remote rural areas.
This objective will be reached through increasing knowledge, transnational clustering and networking, testing of 3 pilots (education,
branding, innovation), transferring 3 pilots to other regions and capitalisation of project results to post 2020 strategic level.
General objective is made from the following specific objectives:
Strengthening the exploitation of the MD, through the UNESCO MD regions and enlarging the territories subscribing the UNESCO Med
Diet Convention;
Promoting the Med Diet in the international market, by addressing the whole MD systems of its distinctive products around which to build
an innovative integrated branding for marketing and hi-tech networked complementary services.
Conjugating the MD with offers targeting specific communities through slow tourism.
Creating durable network between users, local communities, enterprises, research, public administrations to promote new opportunities of
MD products and services for young generations.

University of Algarve (PT), JU.RERA, Kriti Region (GR), University of Mostar (BA), Mediterranean Diet Foundation (SP), Chamber of Seville (SP), Emilia Romagna Region (IT), E-ZAVOD (SV), COPPEM (IT), SHBSH (AL) , DARP (SP), Troodos DC-Ltd (CY)

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